FarmVille Use All Button From Gift Box

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FarmVille and Zynga are slowly releasing the new Use All Button in our Gift Boxes! No longer will we have to click one at a time for Holiday and Seasonal items. This will add all of those items to their proper destinations in one click! If you have any now, click the new “Use All” button on any of these items to add them.




  1. my box of gifts does not open and when it does there are items to which I can not access

  2. mine does not open neither..

  3. Mine is the same; does anyone know how to get through this glitch? I think it has to do with going over the limited amount of gifts we can hold, or something to do with the rapid use all option that’s just been added. IE: what this page refers to.

    You can still feed your baby animals (that might get you under the amount blocking you through this) but you can’t do anything else. I had over 700 gifts, now it’s about 680, still won’t open on either farm.

    Some people have also been recounting problems with using the Market button. It isn’t the case for me but I’ve read that if you click it immediately as you enter, it should go through.

    I suppose we just have to wait it out and hope the corporation fixes it.



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