FarmVille Vampire & Werewolfs Master Quest Guide

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This series of FarmVille Trick or Treat quests is expected to arrive on Thursday, October 18th 2012.

Some of the images are still unavailable, but you get the idea. We will update this guide as they become available.

FarmVille and Zynga have released the next set of Quests! You can now start working on Fangs A Lot Quest, Howling Good Quest, Cape Able Quest, Toil & Trouble Quest, Smell OfSuccess Quest, Would Smell As Sweet Quest, Silver Lining Quest, A Lot At Stake Quest and The Showdown Quest.

You can earn rewards such as the Vampire Costume, Werewolf Costume, Turbos, Bubbling Cauldron, Instagrow, Were Chicken, Mystery Game Dart, Vampire Cow, Hornet Sheep and of course Coins and XP! Happy Questing!

Fangs A Lot Quest

FarmVille Vampire & Werewolfs Quest 1:  Fangs A Lot
Requirements: Get 6 Vampire Novels, Harvest 50 Raspberries & Harvest 2 Pet Runs

Vampire NovelsVampire Costume

Rewards: Vampire Costume, 125 XP, & 2,500 Coins


Howling Good Quest

FarmVille Vampire & Werewolfs Quest 2: Howling Good
Requirements: Get 7 Wolf Man Movies, Harvest 75 Wheat & Harvest 2 Aviaries

Wolfman MoviesWerewolf Costume

Rewards: Werewolf Costume, 150 XP, & 3,000 Coins

Cape Able Quest

FarmVille Vampire & Werewolfs Quest 3: Cape Able
Requirements: Get 8 Black Capes, Harvest 100 Red Tulips & Fertilize 25 Neighbor Plots

Black Capes3 Pack Of Turbo Chargers

Rewards: 3 Pack of Turbo Chargers, 175 XP, & 3,500 Coins


Toil & Trouble Quest

FarmVille Vampire & Werewolfs Quest 4: Toil & Trouble
Requirements: Get 9 Wolf Totems, Harvest 125 Grapes & Make 2 Witches’ Brew

Wolf TotemsBubbling Cauldron

Rewards: Bubbling Cauldron, 225 XP, & 4,000 Coins

Smell Of Success Quest

FarmVille Vampire & Werewolfs Quest 5: Smell of Success
Requirements: Get 9 Wolfs Bane Perfume, Harvest 150 Tomatoes & Harvest 2 Wildlife Habitats

Wolfs BaneInstagrow

Rewards: Unwither Spray, 200 XP, & 4,500 Coins

Would Smell As Sweet Quest

FarmVille Vampire & Werewolfs Quest 6: Would Smell as Sweet
Requirements: Get 9 Garlic Necklaces, Harvest 150 Aloe Vera & Make 2 Cauldron Stew

Garlic NecklacesWere Chicken

Rewards: Were Chicken, 275 XP & 5,000 Coins

Silver Lining Quest

FarmVille Vampire & Werewolfs Quest 7: Silver Lining
Requirements: Get 10 Silver Cages, Harvest 150 Jalapenos & Harvest Were Chicken 2 Times

Silver CagesMystery Game Dart

Rewards: Mystery Game Dart, 250 XP & 5,500 Coins

A Lot At Stake Quest

FarmVille Vampire & Werewolfs Quest 8: A Lot At Stake
Requirements: Get 11 Garlic Nets, Harvest 150 Coffee & Harvest 2 Livestock Pens

Garlic NetVampire Cow

Rewards: Vampire Cow, 300 XP,& 6,000 Coins

The Showdown Quest

FarmVille Vampire & Werewolfs Quest 9: The Showdown

Requirements: Get 12 Halloween Ballots, Harvest 200 Sunflowers & Master the Were Chicken to 1-Star

Halloween BallotHornet Sheep

Rewards: Hornet Sheep, 325 XP & 6,500 Coins






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