FarmVille:Cross promotion FREE 3x Unwithers, 30x Turbo Charges, 2x Instagrow

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While Farmville 2 is getting cross promotion from Ville’s asking player’s to get to level 15 in FarmVille 2 to get the full rewards the promotion in original farmville is more hard. Farmer’s have to go to level 20 in FarmVille 2 to get all the exclusive prizes. Once you make it to Level 20 in FarmVille 2, your original FarmVillegift box will be stocked with three Unwithers, two Instagrows, and a whopping 30 Turbo Chargers.






  1. Your Farmville Haunted hollow chapter 3 quest, shows picture of XP thinking I would level up 1, thinking its not giving it to me, but in fact when I really looked at it right before my last quest, its only giving me so much XP. Picture is misleading…
    And not even going to do the new sheep as for months I have asked for my changing color sheep fixed and all i get is your working on it. I cant even breed all they do is keep changing solid colors every time I try to breed, I was also promised new sheep 2 months ago? Never got them? This should of been fixed before you brought out new ones. Thanks for the help!



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