Guide to make 177 farm cash in 45 mints

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Guide to make 177 farm cash in 45 mints:

200 Farm Cash

1. Make a dummy.

2. pop this link into address bar then click both “allows”(fv and mail) then pop it in adress bar again.

3. Then stop your browser from loading farm click on “x” the page will stop loading.

4. Then pop these links into address bar..!!



1st pop one link wait for 2 sec the refresh same link.. then stop the browser from loading farm again pop the 2 link (b) wait for 2 sec then refresh it..

5. now pop this link – 1 Goat, 1 Unwither, 1 Fuel and 3fv  now load your farm you will start dummy with 58 farm cash 3 in giftbox..

6.Open fb in firefox pop this link install the gamebar..then click on play now in the game bar..10 farm cash will come to giftbox…total farm cash 68 level 1.

7.then go to your main farm open valentine mailbox redeem 3 fancy carriage..neighbor dummy to your main then pop the 3 fancy carriage links..go to dummy giftbox click sell all you will get 4500 coins.

8.Download grifter plugin

open bot start grifter plugin click on Grifter_Turbo buy 740 leprecaun cottage this will level up to 15.

when buying leprecaun cottage is finish then open grifter plugin and set it to buy 280000 market stalls.

after 35 min stop bot…open your dummy account you will have 172 farm cash.

then get 5 fv form english farm task..

total 177 farm cash..





  1. Hi I want a Egg Tree Can any1 send me

  2. Hi…I try ed the farmville ‘free 177 farmville cash in 45 mins’….I only received the white goat….what happened? Today,nothing else…….



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