How to Quickly Master Trees!

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How to Quickly Master Trees!

A lot of people wonder how to master and produce multiple level 2 seedlings in Farmville.

Mastery SignMastery Sign

– Build 4 or 5 orchards (the more orchards you have, the quicker you will master the tree)
– Place 1 tree into the orchard (this can be any type of tree, it’s just your seeder)
– Allow the orchard to become Harvest Ready
– Move all of your trees into the first orchard only! (only put the trees you wish to master -or- make seedlings from, into the orchard)
– Harvest the first orchard
– Move all trees into the second orchard (move all but your main seeder tree)
– Harvest your second orchard.

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Tip: If you grow your seedlings between your orchard transfer, you will have 1 more tree to add for your next orchard.
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