How to Remove the new One Click Sharing?

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FarmVille Remove One Click Sharing

Many people have been asking how to get rid of the new one click sharing after opting in via the popup. Well it’s actually pretty simple. Follows the steps below and you will be back to sharing the old fashioned and fun way in no time.

Steps To Get Rid Of One Click Sharing.
Go To

Find Farmville in the application list and “edit settings”

Remove Post To Wall




  1. l would like to have the one click bad for farmville….. l had it and then you took it away …PLEASE GIVE IT BACK TO ME..Thanks

  2. I liked the one click also, would like it back, also add it in to the Gardens of Time

  3. how do I remove the craft building? takes up to much room & not interested in crafting anything

  4. i wish to have the one click icon back on farmville please

  5. Yes me too, i prefer the one-click sharing rather than have to wait for the box as that seems to slow things down waiting for that.

  6. I like the one-click for everything but selling and deleting. Why do you need to confirm gifting?

  7. I want the one click back!!!! NOWWWWWW!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!

  8. I want the one click back!!!! NOWWWWWW!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!

  9. Please give us the option of one click sharing. When I click to share I don’t need to confirm. Do you think we change our mind between clicks? Some friends don’t like the one-click, so give us a choice. Thanks.



  12. i also prefered the one click and then it was gone please give it back.


  14. I want the one click back, i have a limited time to play farmerville and it save me time and gas when I am planting and working on other areas of the game. Please help me get it back.

  15. Is there a way to put Farmville in Spanish???

  16. Please give back 1 click sharing. First of all it makes sense to have it because it is time saving but also I have wondered since I started playing how canyou share without having it published? So why would you have to choose both. If you want to share you have to publish. It should be automatic!

  17. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have the one click sharing BACK, PLEASE!!!!

  18. I had the one click sharing and loved it. I had it on FrontierVille and FarmVille, but now it is gone and would love it back. Please give it back to the ones that want it. It is a time saver.

  19. I also miss the one click sharing. It was there when I went on a the 25th of June. The game went out of sync and when it came back it was gone. Please give it back. Thank You.

  20. Where did the one click sharing go? Please bring it back….makes playing Farmville so much easier and less irritating.

  21. I liked the option of one-click sharing & then it it was gone. Please, give it back w/the option to remove/add at anytime. Thanks!

  22. the one click sharing is great. it eliminates the people who sit back and do knowing but wait for the snag-bar to play for them.

  23. I had 1 click sharing and now it is gone. How do I get it back?

  24. Please bring back one click sharing. It was so wonderful.

  25. I want one click sharing back – please please pretty please

  26. one click pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  27. I loved the one click sharing, where did it go? Please, bring it back

  28. Mine comes and goes but is more gone.

  29. The concept of one click sharing sounds good, and so I tried it. Unfortunately instead of only sending your gift to farmville users, it sends your gift to every Facebook friend. This actually turns off a lot of people, who have never played farmville, and unless you just have a separate Facebook account just for farmville, it also turns off players. As far as I can tell, it is still active. I read that the only way to stop this from occurring, was by removing Facebook’s ability to show wall posts. I am, and always will be a Facebook user first. I am a level 80 player, but will not continue, unless you FIX THIS !!!

  30. It’s not gone for me, and I absolutely hate it !!! It would be a great idea if you could choose ahead of time, the friends who get your shared gifts. Unfortunately it is just a huge Farmville advertisement, that gets sent to every friend you have in Face Book. I am not a beginning farmville player. I am at level 80, and played for over a year, but am going to stop playing if this feature remains, or cannot be tweaked. I don’t want to send a message to 200 of my friends, that my pigs need a love potion to breed, or to give a free Logan tree . Sending to ten specific friends, or every friend who still plays Farmville is okay. I went into my Farmville settings, and tried to remove the added ‘feature’, but had no luck. All that it offers, is to remove all Farmville publishing rights. How can I play a game on Facebook like that? The pop up appeared when I was in widescreen, it said, do you want to be able to send gifts w/o going out of widescreen? I thought what a great idea, little did I know!

  31. Hi,

    I like the 1 click share as I just put it on the wall anyway and good luck to whoever gets it!!! I have noticed however, that when I first start playing it’s 1 click then, after a time it turns off and goes back to the usual box, where you have to wait for it to publish and this is very annoying. Does anyone else have this or can tell me why this happens????

    Shame there are not more players who do this 1 click share, as it often gets harder and harder to get stuff, as its gone before it even comes up with all the cheat sites anyway!!! Especially the love potions and beach stuff at the moment.

    Most times there’s only about 5 times it can be clicked anyway so for someone with quite a few friends or ‘neighbours’ its always going to be the same few that get stuff, especially if you were only added to make up numbers for expanding etc.

  32. I would love to have the 1 click share. The day I accepted it, it never happened once. Why do they offer things that aren’t ready to release? Or release these, when they aren’t ready to work. The notice did not say how long this would work, so you naturally expect it will be until otherwise notified, but it would be nice to be able to use it for, at least, the day you accept it.

  33. How do I get one click sharing back, PLEASE!!!!



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