New Carnation Recipes Arrive!

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Just as we showed you earlier today in this post, you can now craft your very own Pink Carnation Perfume, Pink Carnation Vinegar, Candied Carnations and Pink Carnation Tea! Each come from a different crafting building and none of the 4 require Pink Carnations . You can start right now and hopefully have these completed because they do appear to be for a limited time only!
According to the mouse over, these will be available for the next 36 days and require level 20 for a 5 Star Mastery. Not to bad eh?

Pink Carnation Perfume requires 2 Morning Glory Bushels and 2 Sunflower Bushels and is found in the Spa

Pink Carnation Vinegar requires 2 White Grape Bushels and 4 Rice Bushles and is found in the Winery

Pink Carnation Tea requires 2 Field Bean Bushels and 3 Black Tea Bushels and is found in the Pub

Candied Carnations require 6 Sugar Cane Bushels and is found in the Bakery






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