New Quest 1: Workin On The Craftshop

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There are new quests in FarmVille! These new quests revolve around the new FarmVille Craftshop crafting building. You can access these quests from either of your farms (home farm or English Countryside farm). The FarmVille Craftshop Quest Trilogy kicks off with Quest 1, titled “Workin’ on the Craftshop”.
The Craftshop will allow you to fix equipment and make things that you need for your farm, so naturally you will need a Craftshop to get started which brings us to the first objective of this quest – buy a Craftshop!
1. Buy 1 Craftshop2. Fertilize plots on neighbors’ farms 25 times.


100 XP
2.500 Farm Coins
2 Hammers
2 Concretes
2 Spools of Twine




  1. god this is so full of crap

  2. God id God and He is awesome, He is mighty and true and faithful when we are not

    • I agree, we serve an awesome God, and those that try to insult him do so at their own risk, although he is a merciful God and slow to anger, He is a righteous and Just God too!



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