Pig Breeding Coming Soon !

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FarmVille will soon be introducing Pig Breeding!

Farmville Community Manager Lexilicious told us that an exciting change would be coming to the Pig Pen feature in the game, looks like it’s pig beeding and works like sheep breeding where you’ll need bottles to grow the Piglets that are born.

We will post more information when this released !

Note : Do not mind the Lambs, Ewes and Rams text on the image, it is just a placeholder .






  1. I like but to much potion!!! to much to keep up with sometime!! Lower the amount of potion.or let us buy with coins!!

  2. Not only is the number of potions high but also the amount of bottles. 10 bottles is ridiculous especially when we have to build new things every other week. Also, there are also new seasonal things we need to collect eg flowers, gold, valentines. It wouldn’t be as bad if they didn’t lower the amount of gifts that we can accept per day. Speaking of which, I think the limit blows. I don’t cheat and use a snag bar either. They keep adding all these new things and they aren’t raising or better yet elimiating out limit. Something has to give unless my wallet is going to stop giving!



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