Unreleased 30 X 30 Expansion!

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Well, it has become that time where we are all getting pushed to the edges of our farms, and quite frankly, to the end of our wits! Not to worry, FarmVille and Zynga will push you right over the edge and send you into bankruptcy faster that you can say wow. The 30X30 expansion is on its way, and sources say, as soon as tonight. The catch? Ha, you will love this. Its going to be in the 180-195 FVC range! YIKES! All of the other expansions have yet to reach a coin status so what makes them think this will sell that well? I personally do have 2 – 28X28 farms but, I do it all for the site and for the news we report. Does these mean the English Expanse will move to a coin status? Does this mean other expansions will move to coin status? Who knows, we will find out soon though!

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  1. By you doing everything in FVC you r making a lot of people uninterested in the game. I know there is a lot of people playing but there is a lot that is quiting this game.



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