Unreleased: Campell Duck, Purple Stripe Ram

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Unreleased: Campell Duck, Purple Stripe Ram; FarmVille and Zynga may soon be releasing the Campell Duck, Purple Stripe Ram into our Markets! Below are the UNRELEASED Icons and Animations for the new Campell Duck and Purple Stripe Ram they have a great new look. We will make sure you know exactly when these are released!





  1. I can’t wait for this ram to be offered. I am having so much fun breeding my sheep that I fear I will run out of room. I now have three generations. I am also impatiently awaiting the geneologies or family trees. I do wish All the sheep could have names to better identify them in the pedigrees and am looking for a black ram or ewe in England. can we start breeding dogs or horses?? I am sooo ready.



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