Winter Cactus/Sweater Quests: With links to request quest stuff

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Expected duration of the quests is from 22nd December 2011 to 4th January 2012
Note: Quest is applicable to all farms and can be carried out on any of the farms you want…
Note: Images will not appear until they get loaded in the game database…

Before we start with the actual quest details, here are links to request for the parts/items that you will be asked for during the quest as part of their requirements. Click on the images below to send request to friends for the same in case you find trouble with posting to feed or want to get a head start:

Imp: You might be required to refresh the ‘Click to ask’ links 2-3 times to actually get the option to request for the items…
Time for the quests info: 
Quest 1: Red Ears
Get 6 Ear Warmers (Click to ask)
Harvest 50 Vegetables (Tip: Pumpkins/Super Pumpkins – 8 Hrs Crop)
Harvest 150 Strawberries/Super Strawberries (4 Hrs Crop)
Rewards: A Sweater Tree (2 days to harvest on farm)

Quest 2: Tail Gloves! Gloved Tails?
Get 6 Pigtail Covers (Click to ask)
Harvest A Sweater Tree Once (Tip: Use orchards)
Harvest 150 Pumpkins/Super Pumpkins (8 Hrs Crop)
Rewards: Sweater Penguin (3 days to harvest on farm)

Quest 3: A Beany A Day
Get 6 Duck Beanies (Click to ask)
Harvest Sweater Penguin once (Tip: Zoo Habitat)
Harvest 150 Peanuts/Super Peanuts (16 Hrs Crop)
Rewards: Ski Ducks (2 days to harvest on farm)

Quest 4: Sheep Prefer Cotton
Get 6 Hoof Warmers (Click to ask)
Harvest Livestock Pen
Harvest 150 Wheat (12 Hrs Crop)
Rewards: Sweater Sheep (3 days to harvest on farm)

Quest 5: A Sweater For Your Thoughts
Get 6 Cow Sweaters (Click to ask)
Harvest Cow Pasture
Harvest 150 Spinach/Red Spinach (14 hrs Crops)
Rewards: Sweater Cow (1 days to harvest on farm)

Quest 6: Rug-a Rug Rug
Get 6 Horse Rugs (Click to ask)
Harvest Sweater Cow Twice (Rotate in Dairy Barn – tips for dairy barn rotation at the bottom of this post, else harvest in Cow Pasture if you dont have Dairy Barn)
Harvest 150 Peppermint (Tip: Cranberries/Super Cranberries will also work – 10 Hrs)
Rewards: A Winter Rug Horse (3 days to harvest on farm)

Quest 7: Keep the Light On
Get 8 Heat Lamps (Click to ask)
Harvest Winter Rug Horse 2 times (Tip: Stable Rotation)
Harvest 300 Pumpkins (or Super) – 8 Hrs Crop
Rewards: Snowed in House

Quest 8: Warm Best Friend
Get 9 Warm Pet Beds (Click to ask)
Harvest Sweater Penguin 2 Times (Tip: Zoo Habitat)
Harvest 600 Strawberries (or Super) – 4 Hrs Crop
Rewards: Frozen Pond

Quest 9: Take Care
Get 10 Pairs of Insulated Boots (Click to ask)
Master Sweater Penguin to 1-star (5 Harvests to 1-star mastery)
Harvest 400 Cranberries (or Super) – 10 Hrs Crop
Rewards: Snowboard Gnome

Note: Super crops will also count towards the quests where applicable

More tips and details will be added as and when they are found out… Stay Tuned… 😉

Note: If you complete these quests before time, you do get the option to repeat the quests again to try and win the rewards once more… It is your own choice if you want to continue or not…

Tip for Dairy Barn rotation: When trying to harvest cows in the dairy barn, make sure that you have some 100% ready cow on farm. First, place the cow that you want to harvest (Sweater Cow in this case) in the Dairy Barn, and then use the ‘move’ tool to put any one of the 100% ready cows from the farm, into the dairy barn, and then harvest it. Repeat the process by putting another 100% ready cow into the dairy barn and harvest again.






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