Zynga’s Newest Game “Empires & Allies” Launches

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Empires & Allies is an energy-driven game similar to CityVille. However, for the first time ever in a Zynga game, you will be able to battle player versus player featuring animation as you fight with or against your enemies fending off the The Dark Alliance.

Check out the Empires & Allies trailer video for a preview of this new Zynga game.

From Zynga:

“Your mission? Rebuild an empire while fending off villains of The Dark Alliance. Fight alongside or against your friends–Empires & Allies is the first Zynga game to include animated player vs.
player battles! We love bringing you games like CityVille, FarmVille, and Mafia Wars. As you embark upon our latest adventure, we wish you much luck and a lot of fun.”





  1. My game does not get the free energy when the 24 hours passes it keeps not adding to the energy to the top, it is very frustrating, then the page has to refresh ever so often and that to is teadious it says something about the server. My other accounts and my friends dont have the same problem so it is the server my game is on. I wish my game was on another server so i can play this game and and not lose all my free energy. It is unfair to lose because of the makers glitch.




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