Zynga Game Feed Posts Issue!

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Players of multiple games have reported that they are having issues seeing their own Zynga game feed posts or posts from their neighbors. In some cases, older posts for these games have disappeared as well. We understand that posting and collecting from feed posts is an important part of our games.

We have notified our engineering teams and they are working on a fix.
There is no need to submit an email for this issue as we have enough information to research a fix. To help us out, click Please Fix below to help us keep track of the total number of affected players.

Source: Official Zynga Support Page!




  1. Please fix the posting and feed issues

  2. Please fix this important issue.

  3. FV,CV,CW the games are not loading right, when you post something it don’t show and the games are pausing a lot and crops are dying before they are even ready…

  4. FarmVille will post nothing on anyones profile page or Homefeed Please fix people r really posting irate messages need you to fix TYsvm

  5. I have been trying to complete the quests and it will not post. I have been work on one quest for two weeks. Just will not post. Then I try another quest still will not post. All I want to do is complete both quest. one is the judge hammers and the other one ski glassess. What is wrong. Why does this alway happen to me. WHY ME?

  6. One more thing I wish that I had not invest my money and time in farmville. I would get rid of it. Tired of the quests that I can’t complete.

  7. I didn’t know what you meant by website do I use?. iI use Google Chrome and Facebook. Every once in a while I’ll use Internet Explorer.

    I can not see any of my friends Farmville or Castleville post at all. Not one single post. How much longer will this be? I hope not lonf because I think you guys do a wonderful job keeping these games up and going! I for one am very THANKFUL for all your hard work.
    Mrs Lucy Colonna

  8. please fix

    cant see post or anything from all my zynga games that I play.

  9. Dear Zynga,
    I enjoy playing the games on here, but have found it to be very upsetting that I can not receive, send, or request anything to accomplish my goals. My games freeze up or the page will go blank. Some of the games will not load at all. Please fix this. Thank you!

  10. the only people playing at this time of day are those not working those who are older and cant figure out all the new changes or those who don’t care. What was wrong with the old more simple way. some of us are using older computers because we cant afford a new one or an upgrade because we would like to keep warm and have food. I never had this problem before facebook started all the changes.

  11. Please fix the Zynga games! Can’t see game feeds and when I get into my farmVille it won’t let me do anything!!

  12. I have been having problems with Farmville for 2 months, It refreshes on its own and I lose some building items and shares because it refreshes on its own It knocks me out out of the game

  13. everything I have asked for has not shown up and all of my friends requests I am not getting either as well as the fact that the farmbonuses is not working for me as well.

    • I’m not receiving any requests that my friends have sent me and it’s holding me back on my quests, also farm bonus not working. I help and send all the time and don’t receive.

    • Hey Tammy try writing to support, it takes a while but they usually make things right, most of the time, writing here won’t get it done faster then sending e-mail to support good luck my dear.Jimmy

  14. Issues posting game feeds cannot complete quests because of problems

  15. mission requests not appearing on my home page or the newsfeed page so I was unable to complete 2 or the missions. this is very frustrating….

  16. cannot see any farmville feeds, either my own or any other friends feeds. please work the best you can to fix this. thank very much.

  17. can get on farms on fv and kingdom from cv but nothing i do is posting. Nor do i see any from my friends. noticed it around 11am mst, prior to that was working

  18. I am having an issue with excepting requests from my friends that I just added to my farmville-they aren’t friends on my facebook page. Is there something I have to do different on my end to correct this problem?, Thanks

  19. I am also not getting any of the requests which still keep showing up on my wall and want to know why…If it is a scam please eliminate or else…

  20. I do not receive any of the special items like the Valentine Giraffe or the Snow Queen Palace, Romance Cow. I could go on and on. I have never ever received any items since I started playing Farmville. What’s up??I follow the instructions completly, click on all the “Likes” but it doesn’t work.What can I do to receive some of these items??

  21. Please Zynga – I thought it might have been fixed but alas no good still – I cannot request for items for the quests as it will not even come up to be posted – I have lost faith in my ability to do the quests because I figure it will not work so why bother – please make FV fun again – thank you for listening to my whining … looking forward to a problem free week for FV thanks again

  22. Everything that the questes ask for i cant’t post not evern when I grow my tress, when is FarmVille or who ever is in charge going to fix my problem? This has been going on since late last year. URGENT PLEASE HELP AND FIX ASAP.


  23. Everything I asked for, I clicked like to all and still did not receive the gifts. I also can’t expand. Can’t complete goals.

  24. As you can see I spend way too much time on 4 FARMS, to work my ass off just to get FV cash, which is a joke in itself, because who can get any of the nice things, people that buy FV cash, well I can’t and won’t, because while you on these 4 FARMS you losing FV cash right in front of you, I would have enough to buy the 30 FV cash BUILDINGS, the prices are out of sight for the pee-on that can’t afford to buy, so I think you first should replace the FV cash I’ve lost, how many you ask, well I’ve been on since you started, you can the little I have bought with your overrated FV cash, it just takes too long to earn, moving on to something that’s not so frustrating, I will say at least with 4 FARMS 500 to keep me playing, whats it gonna hurt,it gives me no advantage, you should give free cash, and free coins in double down also, those to, oh Zynga Poker, your feature you take to long your gone, that’s a turn off and people leave, these are facts, if you want to keep them(players)give incentive to make them stay. give free FV cash, give free playing chips, give what your customers want, not what your creators want, they think it’s costing you money to give, you will have alot more happy people. THANKS for your time



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